Inter AD


Every business needs to reach its potential customers and let them know about their business. InterAd provides a platform for you to reach potential customers and strengthen your present customer base enabling you to grow your market shares and increase revenue and an affordable cost! We improve your business for innovation and growth while driving bottom-line benefits to drive growth, eliminate downtime and increase awareness.

Special InterAd Features:

InterAd Surveys: InterAd surveys is an effective tool for for market research and obtianing data about your customers. Use InterAd SUrveys today to know what your customers think about your product and what they want.
InterAd rewards: InterAd Rewards is a tool used to attach instant gratification to your surveys or awareness campaigns. Use InterAd Rewards to pique customers interest and get a conversation going about your brand.
InterAd Retail portal: InterAd retail portal is an answer to small businesses who want to reach a handful of people with a lower budget than the more established businesses. Use InterAd retail portal to reach as many people as your budget allows on a pro-rata affordable scale.

InterAd Benefits

Cost Saving

InterAd is an affordable means of creating awareness about your product. Save cost and get a guaranteed return on Investment when using interAd.

Direct Acess

With InterAd you have direct access to data and analytics which you can use to follow up with your customers and know what they like about your brand.

Sales Conversion

InterAd campaigns can be used to speak to a targeted demographic who are in need of your products or services. InterAd has a higher sales conversion rate when compared to the conventional means of advertising or marketing products and services