We have some services that will soon be offered by ITScope. Watch out for this groundbreaking products coming out soon:

Wey Traffic: A crowd-sourced application that collects information from a wide variety of sources while allowing traffic queries from any networked device that has access to the Internet, GSM or GPS networks. Data upload and interpretation is in real-time; allowing minute by minute updates for live traffic queries.Some features are listed below:

Our Target Audience/Market

The General Public
Courier/ delivery services
Transportation companies
Businesses needing targeted advertising

Value proposition

Connecting road users being a complete ecosystem we do not just target drivers.
Creating a community working together to improve quality of life
With alternate routing, users discover new routes.
Prevent users being caught in avoidable traffic situations

Market Segmentation

Gender: Non gender specific.
Age range: 16 and above
Average educational background: High school
GSM mobile network subscribers

Big Red Button: My BIG Red Button TM is a mobile based application that enables users to send emergency distress notifications to a preselected list of contacts. Furthermore, when enabled, the App can automatically send a ‘last known location’ if activity is not detected on the device after a preset number of hours. Some features are listed below:

Phone Lock usage:

A major failing of most smart device utility apps is that a phone must be unlocked to access the app. We have added accessories to get around this. .

Social Media Support:

Post in real time to specific Social Media channels – Twitter & WhatsApp. Message include your current address and a Google Maps link.

Emergency Dial:

Your phone dials the emergency number (which user customizes), while sending the panic messages via SMS, e‐mail, Social Media at the same time.

Hold to Activate Button:

To prevent inadvertent trigger, an option to send panic message only after button is pressed for 2 Seconds included.

Voice Recording:

The app allows you to record a 10 second distress message. Captured audio can aid investigation. The audio file is attached to an e‐mail and sent to your contact list.

Send picture:

User configurable option that allows the same button push to also capture an image using device camera, using either the front or rear camera, and send it as an attachment in email messages to your BIGRB contacts.